Workplace training

Create a safe, supportive environment with tailored workplace health and safety training that’s both engaging and effective.

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Empower employees to make healthy choices

Every business has a responsibility to prioritise wellbeing. Our workplace health and wellness training gives you the tools to empower your employees and prevent injuries, manage stress and minimise turnover. It also helps foster healthier lifestyle choices, enhancing efficiency and productivity and cultivating a culture of wellbeing where employees feel happier, valued and more confident.
Our health screening vans and visiting health professionals can perform workplace health and safety training on-site, saving you time and hassle and ensuring it’s tailored and highly effective.

Our workplace training services

Whatever industry you’re in, workplace health and safety training gives your employees the tools to keep themselves healthy.

Male occupational health specialist sat at a desk holding a booklet talking to a male employee wearing a dark blue shirt.
Health and wellness programs
(In partnership with The Wellbeing Lab)

Informative, engaging sessions that give your people the knowledge they need to reduce stress and live and work in healthier ways.

Woman wearing a white sleeveless top stood in front of a bookcase, holding an occupational health arm stretch.
Workplace warmups and stretches

Prevent injury, improve range of motion, reduce stress and give your employees some energy and endorphins for the day.

Male occupational health specialist stood outside with a worker in pink high vis facing her and pointing to how to hold and lift a box
Ergonomics and manual handling training

From manual handling, ergonomics and functional training to building skills for a safer and healthier workplace.

Occupational health services professional in blue shirt providing job analysis to a female worker in yellow high vis jacket
Job analysis

By better understanding what a role involves, you can better assess the health, safety and wellbeing risks involved,


A 3-step evidence-based approach

We don’t just tick boxes. We follow our ‘Assess, Coach, Monitor’ approach to drive employee and workplace wellbeing.


Your health snapshot

Our qualified team of doctors, nurses, and health professionals comprehensively assess your employees’ health and wellbeing to identify any issues and ensure you stay compliant.


Guiding your wellness journey

Our 5-step coaching programs guide employees to make sustainable lifestyle changes that promote optimum health and wellbeing. Together, we set clear goals and keep them on track.


continual health

We monitor your employee’s health over time, providing you with the data you need so you can make informed decisions about the health and wellbeing strategies used in your workplace.


Preparing for a workplace training

Make sure your employees are fully prepared for their assessment, from knowing what to bring to understanding what to expect.


Explore our other services

At Happy Health, we focus on creating workplaces where health and productivity go hand in hand. Our mission is to Assess, Coach, and Monitor employee health throughout the work lifecycle, preventing negative health outcomes and promoting overall wellbeing.

Preventative health
Male occupational health professional sat at desk coaching a women in yellow high vis jacket
Health coaching

Empower your employees and teams to make sustainable health changes and learn how to minimise workplace health-related risks.

Male occupational health professional holding a female workers arm about to inject her with a needle

Protect your workers from preventable diseases that can cause ill health and put them out of action.

Male occupational health professional with his back to camera wearing a blue shirt sat talking to a female worker in a pink high-vis jacket.
Mental health wellbeing
(In partnership with The Wellbeing Lab)

Make improving employee wellbeing easier with a survey that creates personalised coaching reports and actions for success.

Female worker with a pink shirt holding a respirator to her nose and mouth
Respirator and ear fit testing

Ensure the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is used to protect employees from airborne contaminants and noise.

Male occupational health worker from behind holding a male employees arm pointing to an area on the forearm
Skin checks

Identify skin-related issues, including skin cancers, early to allow for timely intervention and preventative measures.

Two occupational health workers in high vis jackets and safety helmets walking outdoors and chatting at a mining site
Coal Mine Workers Health Assessments
(NSW Order 43 and Queensland Coal Board)

Order 43. Comply with industry-specific medical standards and ensure your people are fit to work in mining’s hazardous conditions.

A hand wearing blue rubber gloves holding urine samples for occupational health
Drug and alcohol testing

Ensure a safe environment, stay compliant, maintain your reputation and send a clear message with workplace drug testing and alcohol testing.

Occupational health services professional in blue shirt talking to female worker in high vis jacket about hazardous substances
Hazardous substance monitoring

Keep your employees safe by monitoring for any adverse health outcomes as a result of exposure.

health assessments health checks
Health checks

Book comprehensive workplace medicals and physical health assessments to identify any potential issues in your employees.

Male with beard sat with orange headphones having an occupational health hearing test
Hearing testing

Meet your legislative requirements and protect your team’s hearing health with regular audiometric testing.

Female in pink jacket stood in a mobile health can covering one eye for an occupational health pre-employment medical
Pre-employment medicals

Tailored, comprehensive assessments that help you determine if an employee is fit for the demands of their role.

Train moving at speed over road crossing
Rail medicals and driver medicals

Manage safety risks with a CAT 1, 2 OR 3 medical and check your drivers meet ‘Assessing Fitness to Drive’ standards.

occupational health spirometry lung test
Spirometry (lung function) tests

Identify respiratory conditions and monitor health over time when employees are exposed to airborne contaminants.


Ready to drive vitality?

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